Community-Based Organizations Partners – Community Ethics Review Board (CBOP-CERB)


To facilitate and implement an ethical review process that promotes an understanding of ethical conduct in research and demands accountability in Flint and Genesee County.

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About the CERB

The Community-Based Organization Partners – Community Ethics Review Board (CERB), comprised of Flint-area volunteers, provides a core function of the Healthy Flint Research Coordinating Center (HFRCC).  It is established to examine potential and actual research proposals utilizing a community ethical lens to conducting research.

The goal of the CERB is to create and facilitate a community-based, community-driven review process whereby research conduct ensures (but is not limited to):

  • Community needs and concerns about research are heard
  • Projects are sensitive to the community culture
  • A feedback loop providing:
    • Results back to the community for its use and benefit,
    • A written critique back to the investigator

The Engagement Process

Investigators interested in completing the CBOP-CERB ethics review process are encouraged to complete and submit the CERB intake form. Upon receipt of the completed intake form, the investigator will be:

  • Contacted by email with full review process instructions
  • Asked to submit the necessary information via hard copy or email
  • Scheduled for a CERB ethics review
    • Investigators may be invited to provide additional information/clarification of the proposal
  • Provided written critique on proposal following completion of the review

~ The ethics review process generally is completed in 30 to 60 days. ~

 CERB Engagement Benefits

The CERB’s vision supports the establishment of an ongoing dialogue to develop and disseminate a model for effective community-led ethics review of research conduct.  Its mission is to facilitate a process which explicitly advocates for the protection, mutual benefit, and equity at the community level. The CERB’s goals, promotes a wide range of value-added benefits (i.e., services and recommendations) for both the community and participating investigators, upon completion of the CERB review process.

Community benefits include:

  • Being informed of the various research projects in Flint
  • Opportunities to engage with researchers and the HFRCC, and
  • Protection from projects that may be deemed unethically sound

Investigator benefits include:

  • Community guidance and feedback from Flint residents
  • Community support and endorsement for proposed projects and their relevance
  • Opportunities to enhance community engagement in proposed research

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