Prenatal care access and women with and without disabilities and chronic conditions

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Prenatal care access and women with and without disabilities and chronic conditions
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Prematurity or birth at less than 37 completed weeks of gestation is a leading cause of neonatal and infant mortality rates among Americans and represents a major public concern for all women including women with disabilities. The World Health Organization defines disability broadly to include impairments, activity limitations, or participation restriction and entails disruptions to normal functioning of movement, vision, hearing, or social relationships and interactions. Women with disabilities are less likely to receive adequate prenatal care. Common barriers to obtaining prenatal care as early as desired can include lack of time, lack of money, no insurance coverage, lower education level, difficulties in making appointments, lack of transportation, and not knowing that one is pregnant. Barriers unique to women with disabilities include inaccessible equipment. Race differences in prenatal care use and birth outcomes have been well documented. African Americans have a lower rate of first trimester prenatal care than Caucasians. The Michigan Department of Community Health released the Infant Mortality Reduction Plan to implement a regional perinatal system, support better health status of women and girls, and promote the reduction of racial and ethnic disparities in infant mortality. However, Flint is still one of the cities indicating a high infant mortality rate. The purpose of this study is to investigate 1) the association of mothersÂ’ disability(chronic conditions) status with the likelihood of adherence to prenatal care and low birth weight, and 2) the mothersÂ’ barriers to prenatal care due to having a disability (and chronic conditions) in residents living in Flint, MI.
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Young Adults
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University of Michigan- Flint RCAC
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Rie Suzuki
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University of Michigan Flint Public Health
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