NCIN 2013 UMFlint

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NCIN 2013 UMFlint
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The purpose of this NCIN project is to increase the number of nurses and the level of diversity in the nursing workforce in Flint and the surrounding area by providing scholarship, mentorship and leadership development activities to underrepresented/economically disadvantaged (UED) ABSN students. The objectives of the project are (1) to recruit UED prospective students from the UM-Flint campus (senior students in undergraduate programs other than nursing); community (African American churches, UAW Local 598, professional/educational organizations) and media (the RWJF NCIN scholar information will be available on the Department of Nursing website along with pictures of present recipients and their comments); (2) to provide scholarships to alleviate the financial burden that prevent or delay UED students from completing their degree; and (3) to provide mentorship and leadership development activities (programs customized and developed using the RWJF NCIN Toolkits) that will enable completion of their ABSN Degree and NCLEX-RN success. We plan to expand the capacity of the BSN program from 32 admits to 40 admits per year. We will be able to admit 30 qualified, UED ABSN students in Fall 2013. Therefore, we are requesting 20 scholarships to be awarded to the UED students who have been accepted into the UM-Flint ABSN program. UM-Flint has demonstrated a firm commitment to diversity and enhancement of UED and minority students. The University’s Office of Educational Opportunity Initiatives (EOI) has developed and implemented several pre-and post-matriculation programs and services to enhance the enrollment, progression, retention, and graduation of individuals from disadvantaged backgrounds. The Department of Nursing will continue to partner with the EOI, The Academic Advising and Career Center, Office of Student Development, Woman’s Educational Center, and Office of Financial Aid, to recruit and sustain UED students.
NCIN, Nurses, Nursing, underrepresented/economically disadvantaged students,
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Young Adults Adults Older Adults Nursing students
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Johnson, Robert Wood, Foundation
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Melva Craft-Blacksheare
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University of Michigan – Flint; School of Health Professions and Studies
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