Farm to School- ECDC

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Farm to School- ECDC
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If we were to be awarded this grant we could benefit a large amount of children in the Flint area. This grant will benefit the children in our program and the children living in the city of Flint in many ways. By obtaining this grant it will allow us to build a partnership with local farmers. Our preschool classrooms and Discovery Camp summer program currently take weekly field trips to the Flint Farmers’ Market. The money used to purchase fruits and vegetables comes from donations by our enrolled families. By obtaining this grant we could purchase more fruits and vegetables from local growers and share them throughout our center. We would like to build a relationship with a couple of ‘hoophouse’ farmers from our area and take field trips to their farm. We would be able to use these fruits and vegetables for the children in our center as well as the children we service in our “Pop Up” school initiative. The children will learn from their experiences ultimately benefiting from their participation and the process of seeing how fruits and vegetables grow. The main goal of this grant is to get the nutritious fruits and vegetables in the hands of the children in the city of Flint that has been exposed to the water with the elevated levels of lead.
children, local farmers, partnerships, Discovery Camp, fruits, vegetables, local groweres, Farm to School, ECDC, Michigan Farmers Market Association
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Michigan Farmers Market Association
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Robert Barnett
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University of Michigan Flint School of Education & Human Services
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